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We will be featuring photos of JCBA members' apiaries on the JCBA website home page.  Please email your best apiary photo, and we will plan to feature photos on the website.  Please include your location, date, name (if desired), and any description you wish to be included.  You can attach your photo as a file, and email to jeffcobees@jeffcobees.org.  For best viewing on the website, photos should be at least 800x600 or larger in size.

Photos and New Beekeeper's Journal

Click for A New Beekeeper's Journal by Michael Steinkampf

Photo album for May 5, 2009 by Jim Boogaerts

Photo album for April 18, 2009 by Jim Boogaerts

Photo for June, 2009

Photo by Michael Steinkampf

Photo for April 5, 2009

Danielle and her bees

Photo for March 29, 2009

Spring 2009 photo by Jim Strickland

Photo for March 8, 2009

Kurt Kristensen and his bees.

Photo for March 1, 2009

Our interesting and fun March 1, 2009 snow provided a great background for a photo of Sam Strickland's hives in Indian Springs, AL.  The hive on the left was started as a nuc by Hugh Feagle last year, and placed in the current location in Spring 2008.  The hive body was home-built.  The first super above the hive body was built in the 2008 JCBA Beginners Beekeeping Class.  The next super up is home-built, and the top super is built from a kit from Walter T. Kelley Co.  The top super is being used to provide space for a quart feeder jar (placed on top of the inner cover).  This hive provided many frames of honey last year.  The hive on the right was started from a package of bees ordered Spring 2008 through JCBA.  All three of the supers are built from kits from Walter T. Kelley Co.  The top super is also used in this hive for space for the feeding jar.  This hive provided several frames of honey last year.

Other photos:

Hive under a Parsley Hawthorne  from Frank Little

Photos  from John Burton


Here are links for those of us who can't get enough of these wonderful insects, their flora and fauna, and other fascinating aspects surrounding the honeybee. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Zachary Huang, MSU for providing many of the images used on this site.   (Click on the link)

Zpassionbee.jpg (98477 bytes)
Photographed and copyrighted by Myles Irvine

Cyberbee - A collection of professional photo's and useful information  by Dr.Zachary Huang, MSU.

Honeybee Forage Plants - Particularly interesting for Alabama Beekeepers.

Ol' Buffalo Beekeeping page-Exceptional Photo's of Bees, Brood, Queen Cells, Brood etc.

Unusual Swarm - Unusually large colony in a spruce tree by Ron Borganski, Kutztown (eastern) PA


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