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Local Honey For Sale

Jack C. Jones

Bob McGill

Cois Cooley
841-4842 (h) 515-0368 (c)
3800 Hightower Ave. Fultondale

David Ellis

Jimmy Carmack
854-8334 (h)  966-5223 (c)

Helena Market Days is interested in having beekeepers sell honey on Saturday mornings for the market. Tables and tents are provided, and rent for $20 for each Saturday morning.  Set-up is at 7:30 AM.  See the Helena Market Days website for more information.

Bessemer Farmer's Market is interested in beekeepers selling local honey. The market is held every Saturday from 7am-12noon at Water Mark Place Center. The market will be open every Saturday, rain or shine, and it is a family -oriented venue with something for everyone. Contact person for Bessemer Farmer's Market is Toni Hendrix, email tonihendrix@gmail.com, phone is 249-1791. Only locally produced honey.

Pepper Place

General information about selling at Pepper Place
David Ellis is in charge of scheduling who goes what week-end. Call David if you
wish to sell at Pepper Place Market.
Be aware of the Pepper Place Rules before you go and fill out the Sales Sheet.
Turn it in at the next meeting after you go.

JCBA Pepper Place Rules

 1.  Sellers must set up and move vehicle out before 6:30 AM.

 2.  Sellers agree to abide by JCBA price guidelines.

 3.  Honey jars and products should be labeled according to state/federal law BEFORE arrival.

 4.  Table and space should be kept full, neat and clean.

 5.  Sellers should provide a sample of their type(s) of honey.

 6.  Sellers need to bring an adequate amount of change.

 7.  Sellers should make a complete inventory of all honey and products brought for sale.
      PRIOR to setup.

 8.  Tally sheet should be kept current and completed in full by the end of the day.

 9.  Take an “end of day” inventory.

 10.  All Association money and inventory sheets should be turned in at the next meeting.

 11.  Only two sellers are to sell each week except when:
        A seller with a limited amount of honey can work with another who has
        limited amounts.
        IF arrangements are made with David Ellis two weeks PRIOR to sale day.

 12.  All sellers must be over the age of 21 unless they are accompanied by a parent.

 13.  All items for sale must be bee related.

Consignment Opportunity- Irondale Cafe Bazaar

Local Beekeepers who have smaller quantities of local honey to sell, contact "Jimmy" 205-218-5166 - He has a booth at the Whistle Stop Bazaar, (just down the street from the Whistle Stop Cafe) and is willing to exhibit and sell local beekeeper's honey. The bazaar is open year round.  Contact him to arrange the particulars.



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