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JCBA President 
Paul Mancill


JCBA Vice President
David Ellis

Jefferson County Beekeepers Association (JCBA) is a non-profit organization, composed of members interested in learning more and exchanging information about beekeeping, honey bees, and items associated within the general topic of beekeeping. 

Many members volunteer to assist the general public with their understanding and acceptance of the honey bee and its importance to Alabama agriculture, home gardens and floral species.  Given the numerous pesticides in general use today, as well as the various pests that have found their way to Alabama honeybee colonies, JCBA members attempt through various measures to maintain healthy, viable and productive hives through various integrated pest management (IPM) and sound beekeeping methods.

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Membership consists of persons from all communities and vocations.  All JCBA members have a common interest in learning more and remaining current in their education about beekeeping.  Current membership includes, but is not limited to, beekeeping hobbyists, sideliners, former beekeepers, and future beekeepers representing hundreds of years of beekeeping experience.

We have completed several yearly spring classes in the Fundamentals of Beekeeping.  Many of these students have started bee colonies.  Given the turnout and success of this course, we plan to continue teaching this each year, beginning in February.  One can begin keeping bees at any time of year, but it is much easier on the beekeeper (and the bees), to begin in the Spring of the year.  By starting the course in February, it is hoped that new beekeepers may be able to get their colonies started in late March or early April, which is early on in the honey flow here in Alabama.  Anyone who misses the spring class can join our organization, and learn from the numerous beekeepers (as well as query our newest beekeepers) about the various enjoyments, tasks, and rewards associated with keeping bees.

The JCBA meets at at 6:30pm on the third Thursday of each month at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.  

Membership fees are $10.00 per year per family (normally collected at the January meeting for existing members, and anytime someone new joins). Click for membership form.

We welcome all new members  Anyone who has considered beekeeping as a hobby- but never took the step - is highly encouraged to attend one of our meetings and meet our members.

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For additional information about the JCBA, send email to jeffcobees@jeffcobees.org (click here to email)

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